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lhey how you been ^_^

Posted by wingz3r0 on Jul 9, 10 4:12 am · History

Thanks FOr The comment..=)

Posted by TheEternalStorm on Oct 28, 09 7:28 pm · History

The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought. The truth will rise. Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

Fighting the New World Order!

Posted by djsuono on Aug 14, 09 8:53 pm · History

lmao btw its totally ok. i havent checked this ina while either

Posted by koobecaf on Jul 10, 09 1:16 am · History

lOl i am. at least i try to be. because i'm doing the fall edition for nordstroms magazine. its a new one thats coming out this fall. but other than that, thanks ;] i wanna try and do something new too.

Posted by koobecaf on Jul 10, 09 1:15 am · History

heygirl what's up :]

Posted by katieee110290 on Apr 11, 09 12:36 am · History

your one of my create blog idosl

Posted by koobecaf on Feb 8, 09 5:11 pm · History

Tiff! where are you?

Posted by futura on Feb 8, 09 3:44 pm · History

your my favorite! i must say you look alot like my best friend named Savannah Keo.

Posted by koobecaf on Jan 27, 09 4:43 pm · History

would it bee poss if you could please join thiss forumm.. post stuff everywhere!!! thanks loadss xxxxxxxxxxxx am_Of_Soda/index.php?act=idx

Posted by AmySmith119 on Jan 21, 09 6:43 am · History

hey tiffany. :) i haven't seen you here in a while. how's everything?

Posted by manny-the-dino on Dec 28, 08 7:07 pm · History

haha hey! OMG I KNOW!

dude so i got my third chemistry test back and i totally failed [ like all the rest] and my teacher was like "for those of your worried about you grades, come see me during my office hours"

so i went and somehow i have a C haha and then he's like "if you make a B on the final, i'll give you a B"


Posted by futura on Nov 14, 08 5:07 pm · History

haha thanks for the comment on my graphic.

Posted by Masta_Shih on Nov 14, 08 10:38 am · History

sure thing. drop by anytime. =D

Posted by mcflylover on Nov 8, 08 11:49 pm · History

Thanks for the graphic comment!

Posted by mcflylover on Nov 8, 08 3:21 pm · History

omg u have nice teeth, lol. sorry, but u do. i'm so jealous xD

Posted by michellekdo on Nov 3, 08 9:57 pm · History

dude im with you on the laziness thing. i just totally dont care and i have so many big projects coming up haha. ugh!

Posted by futura on Oct 8, 08 12:25 am · History


Posted by futura on Oct 8, 08 12:25 am · History


Posted by futura on Oct 8, 08 12:25 am · History

eh, you know. same shit. haha.

my classes suck. i`m pretty sure i`m failing one of them. haha.

honestly, i'm not even caring anymore.

i should, but i'm not. i`m trying to study but it just...doesn't happen. i dont know.

i was listening to michael jackson's 'the way you make me feel' earlier and i thought about you. hahah/random

Posted by futura on Oct 4, 08 6:16 pm · History

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